Selected observation sites

Station Latitude Longitude Altitude (a.s.l.)
Antikythera 35.860°N 23.310°E 193 m
Bucharest 44.348°N 26.029°E 93 m
Cluj 46.766°N 23.583°E 405 m
Hohenpeißenberg 47.802°N 11.012°E 974 m
Leipzig 51.35°N 12.43°E 90 m
Warsaw 52.21°N 20.98°E 112 m
Lille 50.6117°N 3.1417°E 60 m
Granada 37.1666°N 3.6°W 680 m
Thessaloniki 40.67°N 22.95°E 50 m
Potenza 40.601°N 15.723°E 760 m
Rome 41.840°N 12.647°E 110 m


DIVA platform: user manual

DIVA data format descriptions

Standard Operation Procedures

Calibration procedures

Executive Summary Report



A link to the DIVA platform will be available soon.


Licel-to-SCC converter

SCC-to-DIVA converter

Prototype of software managing data

Prototype of software implanting data processing using GRASP algorithm

DIVA integration webservice for software components and processing chains

DIVA runtime and monitoring webservice

DIVA validation webservice (prototype)